Jessica received her Design Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Over time and with much trial and error, I've learned which types of resin and various mediums best convey my vision. Using unorthodox tools and specific formulas, I am able to manipulate my mediums of choice to make certain textures, patterns and reactions. I incorporate genuine crystals, rocks and agates sourced from all over the world into each painting. The harmony of these textures and 3D elements creates my signature aesthetic. This in combination with my spiritual experiences in relation to each piece reflects the uniqueness of my work. 

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Proprietary Process

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I am an abstract artist residing in Northern Wisconsin, I work out of my home studio with the accompaniment of my two dogs, Yogi and Sully. When I'm not painting, I can be found behind a camera lens or computer doing photography and design. 

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Drawing constant inspiration from the heavens above and with a faith stronger than ever after the loss of my Father, I seek to paint my experiences of heavenly nods and angelic communication to share with the world. I create art to satiate a need deep in my soul to share my story, and to use my hands to create something that will persuade people to believe. 


While painting, I focus on where my thoughts are going and where they end up. As I watch the paint lay down before me, I come to find answers that I was searching for. Expressing my creativity is my form of sacred prayer. I hope my paintings carry on those answers to the next person who needs them most. I like to think that the angels that came before me in the paint will come before the painting's audiences. I knew this was my destiny when I realized I was creating something physical but also emotionally spiritual that my audience connects with on a higher level, to bring reassurance, validity, and comfort. This is my god-given mission, my journey, my quest.